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At MoversUp you get versatile moving services. Hire us for a residential move, commercial move, and even for an industrial move, we will not disappoint you. We can also fulfil the storage needs, whether you want long term solution or short term. The moving techniques we use to transport everything from point A to B is unique. Also, our packing techniques are quite safe and effective. It is the reason we are the first choice of those who are looking for mover and packers in Fujairah. We assure the customers that we take the best care of everything. We take everything safely to the address you provide. Moreover, you can hire us for a national move and even for the international move.

We are the leading and best movers and packers in Fujairah. We try our best to provide convenience, ease and smooth moving service. At the time you will hire us for the service, we will not give you any chance of complaint. From the beginning till the end of the process, our teal stays attentive. We know well that during relocation, customers are in a lot of stress. Everything seems impossible to them. So, at the time we do meeting with the customers, we try to know their requirements. Keeping them in front of us, we make a customized plan for the move. We discuss each aspect of the plan with the customer, so they understand everything. And don't think that we are keeping them in darkness.

Our service is available for the customers at a competitive price. You can even compare the service charges from other removal companies. We are sure you will able to see a clear difference. To make sure our prices are the best and within everyone's budget, we keep an eye on our competitors. It allows us to keep the prices stable and reasonable at the same time. As our client, if you find any company who offer insured services at the charges we demand, do tell us. We will listen to your request and look into it and for sure make considerable changes. Last but not least, our service is available at fixed rates.

We are the leading furniture movers and packers in Fujairah. From the day we start this company, our main focus is to provide smooth yet affordable moving services. We bring peace in people life by taking away moving stress. Our services are standard and reliable. We work quickly and make sure to complete each task before the deadline. To make sure nothing went wrong till the end, we make a proper plan. The plan is based on the requirements of the move and needs of the customers. We are not like the companies who use the same strategies for every mover. We believe that each relocation is different, and the same strategy cannot work everywhere. Once we made the strategy, we follow it till the end. In the middle, if the service, if we feel something need to change, we do it but after telling about it to the customer.

Many might think that we are the house mover and packers in Fujairah. We do offer house moving services, but along with that we also offer commercial moving service. You can even hire us to move studio apartments, villas, factory, hotel and even educational institute. Also, we don't take specific projects only. You can hire us to move sofa only, and you can even hire us to move to a 5-bedroom house or a whole office. It really doesn't matter to us that task is too big or too small. One thing that matter is quality and perfection. As we believe it is the only way to win the trust of the customer and make them happy. Once the client is happy for the service, you get paid automatically. So, we never actually worried about the service charges.

We value client money, so we don't want them to feel like the amount they spend is go in waste. Also, we never charge extra. The final amount is purely based on the services you take from us. If you are confused or a bit unsure, we will break down the price for you. Lastly, our service is available for the customer every single day. You can even hire us on public holidays.

Hiring mover and packers in Fujairah benefits you in many ways, such as:
  • The relocation causes a lot of stress. Mainly those who are moving out for the first time and don't know anything about the process suffer the most. When you hire us for the service, we take all the stress, and you get peace of mind. As you get surety that everything is in safe hands.
  • You get complete independence; at the time you hire us for the service. As our customer, you decide the date and day of the move. Our job is to serve you within that time frame.
  • Before hiring service from us, customers have so many questions in mind. To make sure they get all the answer correctly, in detail and on time, our customer care staff is always there to help.
  • We make sure that everything reaches the new location on time and safely. For that, we use vans that are of the right size and well-equipped. Our drivers are also trained and local residents of the area. They know the routes and follow all the traffic rules.
  • Once you hire us for the service, you also stay safe from injuries. As it is not easy to move heavy boxes from one place to another and load, unload them from a van. Our workers use trollies for this purpose and also know proper techniques that safe them from back or other injuries.
  • Lastly, the packing material to pack everything properly is arranged by us too.
There are many reasons that make us better from others, so they should hire us for the service.
  • We offer a fully planned service to the customers as it is the only way to end the process smoothly and properly. Also, the plan we made for the relocation is new every time keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the customers.
  • The plan we made for the move is shared by us with the customers, as it is essential that they know what is happening. All the other things are also shared with the client like the details about service charges. Our mover and packers service is free from hidden charges, as we offer service at a fixed price.
  • You can also hire us if you are looking for emergency moving service. We will try our best to serve you well at that time too.
  • We not only offer house and office moving service. You can hire us to relocate villa, restaurant, educational institute, factory and even small apartments.
  • Our services are fully insured as we don't want our client to get worried that they might face loss financially. Moreover, our staff is well-trained. While working, they pay proper attention and take good care of everything.
  • We don’t offer specific packages to the customers, as there are many who need one service and some almost all. A client gets complete flexibility to customize the package on their own.
  • You can also get free quotes from us before even contacting us for the service.


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