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Moving from one place to another, especially international moving brings excitement and joy. But for some people, it only brings anxiety and stress. If you are one of those people, you are in the right place. We, Movers Up, are known as one of the best international movers. Our expert movers make it easy for the clients to move internationally without stressing out. We will meet both your moving and budget needs. Moreover, we have a team of trained international movers and packers who will help to lessen your anxiety and stress by providing you with the best quality services.

We possess years of experience in all kinds of moves. It has made us one of the most prestigious moving companies in UAE. Our supreme quality moving services have helped us win the trust of thousands of people. We have helped several customers make their international moving easier and more comfortable. Our customer base grows with each day just because of our highest quality services. One of the best things about hiring us is that we offer our services at reasonable prices that are easier to pay.

We Assure Best Quality Services: As soon as you book with us, we will send you a team of experienced international movers & packers who will pack and move your stuff with perfection. We offer our valued customers the best services. Since we value our customers more, we never say no to our customers and try our best to satisfy them and meet their moving needs. Our team of experts will provide you with effortless packing services to reduce the stress off of your shoulders. Our team will bring the right tools and equipment needed for packaging. We’ll also disassemble and assemble things. We will pack everything, be it heavy furniture or any kind of electronics. Our staff is trained and experienced to pack everything efficiently.

We Carry Quality Packing Material: Packing is one of the things which maximize the anxiety of moving. People usually struggle when it comes to packing the stuff. We, Movers up, are known as the best international movers and packers in Abu Dhabi because of our stress-free packing services. Our expert packers are well trained and highly experienced. They will provide you with the best quality packing services.

Our packers and movers carry all the right material which is required for quality-packing services, including bubble wrap, cartons, tape, scissors, etc. We do not let our customers suffer about anything regarding the moving process. Our team will bring everything along with them without letting you worry about it.

Moreover, our staff is trained on how to pack and lift heavy objects without damaging anything. They use trolleys and ropes to move heavy furniture to avoid damage and injuries associated with the heavy lifting.

Yes, the customer provides all the information to us at the time of booking. But other than that, there are many other things that we need to know, such as:

We Guarantee a Smooth Move: Moving around is exhausting and stressful, and we are aware of it. We, as the best international movers are ready to make your move smoothly and peacefully with our moving Services. You will enjoy moving because hiring us will help you save your time and money at the same time. International moving is a time-consuming process. We make sure you save your valuable time that you can use on other things. Our experts are also trustworthy. We make sure your things are safe with us.

Hiring us is a money-saving deal. If you plan to move, you can spend a lot of money. Renting or buying packing material and renting vans to move is expensive. We’ll bring everything. You don’t have to spend extra money. In addition, you will get rid of heavy lifting during the relocation. Our experienced employees take everything into their own hands and promise you more security.

We Provide Secured Services: When it comes to an international move, the first thing that comes to mind is the security of your belongings. We being the best international movers UAE will provide you with secure services. You do not have to worry about your stuff once you hire us. We cover all the major areas in the UAE, including Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Al Ain. Our expert movers are trained and highly qualified. We make sure to hire the team who has the experience and knows about every type of move.

Moreover, we know how important it is for you to get your stuff moved to the new location with safety. We guarantee that we will deliver it safely without any damage. If anything happens during the move, we will be responsible for that keeping in mind the company’s policy. Besides, our international movers & packers use the right packing material which will keep your belongings safe during the move. Our professional drivers know the right routes with bumps to keep the stuff safer and more secured. So, look no further and book us for your international move.

No Need to Worry About Your Furniture: During relocation, furniture disassembly and assembly is one of the major concerns of the clients. We are well aware of this, and that is why we are providing the best services to our clients. Our team will make sure to help you a hassle-free move by providing you with this facility. We will disassemble all the furniture and safely pack it. Once packed, we as the best international movers and packers Dubai will make sure to safely load it in our well-maintained vans and then move it to the location. After reaching there, our expert team will unload everything and reassemble all the furniture. It will surely reduce the tension and anxiety of which relocation has brought.

We’ve Got Your Back In Terms Of Storage Needs: : During international movers, people usually cannot take everything with them, but at the same time, they do not want to lose those things. It is hard to find a place to store them. If you are one of those people and want to store your personal belongings and are unable to find a secure place, we have got your back. We, Movers up being the top-notch international movers Dubai provide you with the storage facility for both short-term and long-term needs. Our mission is to lessen the stress and anxiety of our customers and provide them with peace of mind during their international move.

That is why we are offering the storage facility to meet your needs. We assure you that your stuff will be secured in the storage units. You can monitor your belongings in there as we provide you with access to the CCTV cameras, we have installed in the storage units. So, it guarantees that all your stuff will be safe and sound in our storage units. Moreover, our storage units are clean. You can inspect them if you want to.

Avail Our Top-Notch Cleaning Services: Cleaning is important while moving out a place. Be it an office, a home or a rented place; you will need to hire a cleaning company to get the property cleaned. But, hiring us, you also get rid of this tension. We are the best international movers in Dubai, and we are providing our respected customers with the cleaning services to meet their cleaning needs. We have a team of trained and expert cleaners who will provide you with the cleaning services. Our staff will make sure to clean the property before leaving, and if you want the new place to be clean, we will be there as well.

Once everything is ready to transport in the country you are moving, the stress starts to build up again. You have no idea whether the things will reach there on time and in one piece or not. Now if you re worried that your belongings that your things will get damaged, then don’t worry. Because our team pack them so well that it is not possible. If you are willing to see where your things are every moment, we will give this service to you. We navigate your belongings all the way, and we give you an update about it all the time.

    Our Tailored Services For You!
  • 1.Packing and unpacking service is given to our clients by us.
  • 2. We also pick up and deliver all your products on time.
  • 3. If for any fragile product, customized packaging is needed, we arranged it on our own.
  • 4. If there is a need to disassemble anything, we do it for you. Also, we reassemble it for you too.
  • 5. If you want us to move the appliance, we will. Our staff know well how it’s done.
  • 6. While moving, we make sure to protect the walls and floor of the house.
  • 7. As you learn above, we also provide storage service.
  • 8. If you have a pet, we will handle it too and transport it for you.

Other Services We Offer!We are not just the best international movers in Abu Dhabi. We offer other moving services to our customers too. The service we offer are:

Residential move: it is a service in which you can hire us to move any size of the home, apartment, villa, studio apartment and so on. We have a local team for this purpose. They know well how to handle everything. So, you don’t have to worry at all. We provide all the service, so the only thing left for you is to enjoy and settle in your new home.

Commercial move: : in the commercial move, everything is included. You can hire us to move an office, shop and so on. A commercial move is different from a residential move. In the commercial move, more then furniture we have to move equipment. These equipment are sometimes are very delicate, and there is a time when they are quite huge and heavy. The team we have specified for this move is experienced. They know well what is needed when and how they have to deal with tough situations.

Corporate move: it is another service that is offered by us. We are proud to say that we are few companies among UAE, who offer this service. Many don’t even know about this move. It is a moving that hires by an employer for the employee or by the employee himself. The move is mainly small and less time taking but equally, stress full.

Why Hire Us, Rather Than Managing Move On Your Own? When you hire us for the service, we take away all your stress. Along with that, we make sure to serve you within a budget. It is easy for us to manage all this because we are doing this every day. Also, we know well from where we have to get things if needed. Our team has the experience, so we able to finish the process quickly for you. It is something that is not possible for you because of zero-knowledge. Moving process is also risky, as there is always a chance of getting injured. When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about all this at all.


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