House/Villa Moving

House/Villa Moving

People prefer to go with the professional house movers and packers in Dubai because of the chances; they face any financial loss ends. So, if you are also looking for the service of house movers in Dubai or villa movers in Dubai, then better contact Movers Up. We are serving clients for some time, so we know well what their expectations are, at the time they hire us. We also know quite well about the questions they have in mind. We believe that asking questions related to the service is the right of the customer and our duty is to give them satisfactory answers. Before going further in detail about the services we offer to the customers, we like to tell you that our service is not limited to Dubai. We also provide service of house movers in Abu Dhabi; you can get our service of house movers and packers in Sharjah also.

Now, first, we like to tell our customers that there is a difference in the size of the villa and house. So, the moving strategy we make for each one is also different. But one thing is constant that we are the best house movers and packers. It doesn’t bother to us whether you are hiring us as villa movers or as house movers. Our aim or goal is one, serve the client excellently. So, at the time we leave the property, they say goodbye to us in a good mood, rather than a bad mood. One thing that really allows us to improve; we never get upset or feel bad if the customer gives us some advice.

Frequently Asked Questions About House And Villa Moving;

How We Hire Our Staff?

It is something that is the biggest concern of the customers. We also understand why, as it is hard to trust someone these days. At the time of relocation, you have to stay extra careful, even if you are about to move but you are also telling the company the address of your new home. You don’t want any worker of the company take advantage of it, or during the move, someone stole their things or misplaced them deliberately.

We like to tell our customers that the policies we have to hire new staff are tough. Even if one of our senior workers suggest someone, we make sure they go through the same process as others. To become a part of our company, firstly, it is important that the person doesn’t have a criminal background. Once we check about is by using our resources, only then they able to qualify for training. Lastly, those who do well in training, able to join the staff of professional house movers and packers in Dubai.

What Are The Services The Company Offer?

It is obvious that the one who is looking for the moving service prefer to hire a company, who offer them the service they need. Now mostly all the companies offer the same services. The difference is that some companies offer service for a specific move and some don’t offer all the services.

When the customer contacts our company for the service, they don’t have to face all these issues. We offer all different kind of services, in which residential move, office move, villa move and even apartment move is included.

When it comes to the services of moving, we provide all the services such as packaging of the furniture, loading of the belongings, van service, unloading and even unpacking of the products. If you feel like this is all we have for you. We like to tell you that we also provide storage service. It means if you don’t want to take some things with you at the new place or due to some reasons store everything for a while, tell us. We have links that allow us to find storage spaces for you at a reasonable price. You can place all your belongings there for as much time you want. Also, at the time you need them back, just tell us. We will bring your precious items to you quickly.

What Size Vans We Have For The Moving Of The Products?

To move all the possessions for the customer, it is vital that we have vans of different sizes. As our customer, you don’t have to worry about it. Even if you have 5 to 6-bedroom house and you want to move all the things, we have giant vans for this purpose. If the space inside the van is not enough, we transport everything in 2 rounds. It doesn’t make a huge difference in the price because we didn’t demand charges hourly. The price is fixed. Also, all the vans we have are in perfect condition. We change then if the model gets old.

What Are The Charges Of Our House Movers And Packers In Abu Dhabi Services?

Whether the customer is hiring us from Abu Dhabi or from anywhere else like, Dubai, Al Ain or from Dubai, the price of each service is very reasonable. Also, we don’t charge from the customers for the service they didn’t take from us. The next thing we like to tell our customers is that in our villa movers and packers in Dubai service or even in any house movers service, there are no hidden charges.

At the time you hire us and give us detail about the service, we not only tell you the total price. But if the customer wants us to know the price for each service separately, we explain that to them too.

  • The brief description of the price distribution is:
  • Each service like packaging, van service and even loading add up in the price.
  • Along with that number of men you hire for the service, increase or decrease the price.
  • The price of the packing material is also included in the total.
  • The distance from the current property to the new property also make a difference in the price.

One thing we also like to clear to our customers is that it is not necessary you have to pay the same if your property is bigger than someone else or small or even equal. The one with the huge villa may have to pay less, as they want us to remove fewer things as compare to the one who has a small property.

As Professional Villa Movers And Packers In Abu Dhabi, How We Keep The Products Safe?

It is a question that is also very common from the side of the customers. Even if any product is not much important for them, still they don’t want, it gets damaged in any manner. The main reason people hire villa movers and packers in Sharjah or house mover in Sharjah or anywhere else is due to safety reasons. They know well that the process is not only time taking but have so many complicated stages too. If they do it everything by themselves, then for sure the chances something get damage is there.

The professionals do this job over and over again, the chance something slip of their hands, fell and break. We make sure not to let down the customers here. At the time our customers arrive at the location, they never lose focus. Also, at some point we face problem doing things the way we want, we never panic. We are able to find a better way for that job. Once we pack all the things, we doubt you check the rooms to make sure nothing left behind. At the time of packing, we make sure to use the right technique. If we feel like extra safety is needed, we use some extra material.

At the time all your possessions are in the van, our drivers take responsibility for their security. Before the driver starts a journey, he double-checks, whether everything is in the proper place and tie up well or not. They also make sure van is in the right condition. On the journey, they never stop somewhere in the middle. You can stay in touch with the driver, to stay updated where they are.

Do We Provide Villa Movers Dubai Service On Time?

During the moving process, it is hard to keep up with time. There are so many things that are needed to get done, so there is always a possibility the delay will happen. Now when customers contact us for the villa movers in Abu Dhabi service or for the house movers near me service, some want emergency service, and some give us a time of the week. We have to make sure that we will able to achieve the target at the time, the customer gives us.

It is the reason before start working, firstly we make the plan. The plan helps us a lot in finishing the work before the deadline. One thing we like to clear to our customers that it never happened, we not able to finish the work on time but even if it happened, they don’t have to worry. The charges we demand the service are fixed.

Do We Provide Insurance?

Not every company provide insured moving services. People prefer to hire a company who offer insured service. First thing first, yes, we provide insured services, but still, it doesn’t mean the charges we demand the service are high. You can even compare our charges with the company who don’t offer insured service; you will notice a difference.

Now for the information, we like to tell that the insurance work in a specific manner. If something is damaged before we pack it, we will not take responsibility for it. If the items are packed on your own, and we have not seen them, then insurance will not work. If due to some natural disaster things get damage, insurance will not work.

When Our Expert House Movers Service Is Available?

Few customers want to hire our service on weekdays, and some like to hire the service on weekends. Few also like to hire the service on a public holiday. It is up to you when you want our service because we provide the service 365 days a week.

You can pick the time you on your own and day too. Our team will arrive at your home and serve you well. The prices may differ as per day. But still don’t worry because the difference is not huge.

How To Book A Professional House Movers Service?

Suppose you think that the only way to book our service is by visiting our office. Then we like to clear it to you; you can book our service online and even by calling us. On our website, the form is present. Fill that form properly and book our service. The same details you can provide us on the phone, and we will book a service for you.

Now one request we have from our clients is that make sure you give us the right information. Sometimes clients don’t tell us correctly about the things they want us to move. So, the price change at the time we see things on our own. If you think it is hard to memorize about all the things, make a list for your ease. Also, be clear about the services you want from us.

Even if you just want to get free quotes from us, providing the right information is the key. Otherwise, the price estimation you will get is wrong. The right information from the customer end allows us to plan a moving process for them properly.

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