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Moving is a time taking and difficult task. A person needs to manage multiple things at a time; it is the reason they prefer to hire house movers and packer in Dubai. Here no company is better than MoversUp, as we have served many in the past and still helping people in relocation. Our job is to make shifting easy and stress-free for the customer. You can even check our reviews to find out about our past performances, as we are proud to say all were successful moves.

Before hiring us for the mover, you can get free quotes from us. The prices estimation we tell is almost accurate most of the times. Also, once you book our service, we keep everything transparent from the beginning to the end. Our team treat all your belongings with great care and make sure nothing will get damaged even a little bit. For us, quality and the right approach to do the task matter a lot. It is the only way to finish the whole process smoothly.

Also, it doesn't matter whether the relocation process is small or huge. Our staff is well-trained and polite. You can discuss or ask anything from them related to move. We are committed to doing this job, and it is the main reason people know us as the best house movers and packers in Dubai.

We are one of the trustworthy house movers in Dubai, serving people for past many years. Our dedication towards the work makes us better than the other moving firms. Also, our moving rates separate us from others too. Our price is reasonable and depends on the moving services you take from us. You can even ask our representative to break down the house moving cost; they will. Also, our home relocation charges are fixed. They stay the same till the end of the service and even if a delay occurs due to our mistake, which never happened in the past, you don't have to worry.

Also, we prefer to keep things crystal clear from the beginning. We have an idea that clients don't know much about the relocation process, and as professional house movers and packers in Dubai, it is our duty to guide them. So, from the beginning, we made the plan till the end, we explain everything to you. If you were not able to understand something, ask about it in the middle of the process, we would not mind.

We provide all sorts of residential moving services. from pre-moving survey to the plan of the move, packing, unpacking, furniture assembly disassembly, loading, unlading, van service, storage service and other tasks. The packing material needed for the move is also arranged by us. in short, we do everything for the client. In our presence, you don't have to do anything. You can focus on the tasks that need your attention and important, let us handle relocation for you.

Hiring us as your house packers and mover in Dubai will benefit you in many ways, such as:

  • Stress-free mover and save time.
  • The moving brings a lot of stress because of the tasks a person needs to manage. Those who have zero ideas about the process make blunders that cost them a lot. Once you hand over the responsibility to us, we take away all you stress, as we plan and do everything. Moreover, we offer insured service, which helps a lot in making client stress free.

    Also, our team is expert and trained, so they able to finish the task properly and quickly. The task you might finish in a day, we do it in a few hours. So, hiring us will save your quality time, and you can spend that time doing something more productive.

  • Keep you safe from injuries.
  • The shifting of a whole house is not simple. There are so many heavy things that you have to move and load in a van and later unload and set it at right spot. A lot of strength and right technique is needed here; otherwise, a person can get injured pretty bad. Once you hire best house movers and packers in Dubai, the chance of getting injured end. Our team perform each task on their own. They use the right equipment's and techniques to move heavy items. If you want you can watch them from the safe distance.

  • Punctual and efficient
  • Delay is not an option for anyone during a move. It is the reason people put their trust in professional house movers and packers in Dubai. We never disappoint our customers and try to best to finish the whole relocation process before time.

  • We don't have specific packages options for the customer, as we leave this job on our respected customers. Make a customized package on your own considering your needs and budget. Our job as best house movers in Dubai is to serve you only.
  • We are also known as cheap house movers in Dubai as our service charges are better than other companies. We keep an eye on our competitors to maintain better rates.
  • Our house moving service is free from hidden charges. The price is fixed. During the booking the price we say to the customer is final. It stays the same till the end of the service.
  • We provide easy payment options to the customers. You can make payments through debit card or credit card, according to your ease.
  • Our service is available for you every day of the week and even on public holidays. Also, the timings are flexible. So, get our service at time or date that is suitable for you.
  • The booking process for our service is quite simple too. You can book our service online within no time. Once the booking is made, you even receive a confirmation email, which you can say work as a contract.
  • For any queries, our customer care staff is also available for you 24/7. You can even do a live chat with them.


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