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New home shifting is always a stressful time in everyone’s life. They not only have to make sure everything goes well during shifting, but they also keep up with the regular schedule. To bring easy in the life of the people, we MoversUp provide reliable, fast and trustworthy home shifting services in Dubai. We manage everything for you. Just tell once, what service you want from us and how you want us to work? We follow your commands and will serve you in a perfect manner. The expectation you have from us, we will do a better job than that. We leave the property of the customer once they get satisfied with our work.

It is rare that people don’t hire home shifting packers and movers. Now they know well hiring professional is beneficial for them. When you hire our company for the service, you able to get all the services under one roof. It is another reason; people call us the best home shifting packers and movers. So, if you are planning to shift home and in search of home shifting service, there is no need to go anywhere else. We will serve you with the best.

Our Home Shifting Dubai Staff: To run a successful moving company, it is important to have a well-trained staff. Because of this, we make sure we not only train our staff properly but also make sure they have a good background. At the time our staff arrive at the customer home for the service, they are in proper uniform. Everyone has the tools of their own. They all know well what they have to do. Our staff work in a coordinated manner that not only them to finish the process smoothly but also, they able to finish work on time.

One thing you will notice in our staff is that they are always in a good mood. The reason is that they love their job. During their training, we also teach them the right way to treat a customer and the right way to communicate with the customer. So, while our workers are working in your home, if you feel like you have to say something to them or need to know anything, you can talk with them. They will listen to you carefully and do things the way you want.

Before Home Shifting Services, A Proper Plan Is Made By Us Moving is not an easy job, so without a proper plan, it is hard to do a thing in the right way. At the time the client hires us for the service, we make sure to visit the property on our own before a moving day. If not, we examine everything in a moving day. It is an activity that allows us to make a plan.

Yes, the customer provides all the information to us at the time of booking. But other than that, there are many other things that we need to know, such as:

  • 1. There are few things that cannot fit in the van or move as a whole. It is not possible for the customer to tell us about it. We make a list of the products that need to get dismantle, so we move them easily.

  • 2. The list or fragile items are also made by us during the visit.

  • 3. At the time we visit the property, we able to measure the doors, staircase and hallways of the house. It also helps a lot during a moving a day, as we are able to make strategies if something is huge and hard to get through the door.

The list made by us during the visit is also beneficial, as it allows us to make sure nothing left behind or went missing while packing or loading and unloading. At the time we visit the property, to make a plan, we come to know how much packing material is needed to pack everything. Also, which van size is enough to move all the things safely.

Safe And Secure Packing Of All The Items: Many of the things get damage and other accidents at the time of packing products. At the time you hire professional for home shifting services in Abu Dhabi, the chance of an accident is fewer. At the time we arrive at the location to serve the customer, our workers do a small meeting with the client. It allows us to share our plan with the client, and we also able to know whether the client is satisfied with our plan or not. If not, how they want us to work? Once we got clarification about it, we start to work.

Home Shifting Transport: It is important to have the right transport to move all the things safely and quickly from one place to another. The moving vans we use to transport the luggage are maintained. We keep our moving fleet up to date. The vans that are old, we replace them with the new ones. We make sure that every van we have, have basic tools. Also, in our vans, GPS is installed. So, even if the location of your house is somewhere far, our drivers will not face any problem finding it.

If all the things are placed by the client in one room, a job become a little easy for us. But if everything is in a separate room, then we start to pack things room by room. We also keep the list of all the things in front of us. Once we pack an item properly and place it in the boxes, we mark that item on the list. It allows us to remember what is left and what we have to do? Even if the customer hires us for emergency service, still we like to work on a standard pace during packing. As we don’t want to upset the customer by damaging their products. Lastly, at the time we pack the products and place them in the boxes, we mark the boxes. So, we able to know what is inside and even customer don’t take unpacking service from us; they don’t feel difficulty, figuring out what they need on an urgent basis and what not?

House Luggage Shifting Service / Loading And Unlading: The time we have to load all the things in the van, the marking on the boxes helps us a lot. It helps the workers at the time they have to place things inside the van. Never think, even if everything is packed properly, you can place fragile items boxes under the other boxes. Our worker makes sure not to make such a mistake. Also, at the time, our worker brings everything to the van; they work smart and use trollies to move things. The only time our team lift the products when the stairs are in the way.

Few Home Shifting Tips For Our Customers: : Even if you hire a professional for the home shifting Sharjah service, there are few things the client has to do on their own. By following those tips, you can stay save from the stress.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Service: We like to tell our customers that at the time they hire us for the service, there is no way that they have to regret later. We make sure to serve the customer in the best possible way. The things we promise to our customers are:

On-Time Service: There are people who hire us for an emergency moving service, and there are some who hire us to who give us a week or two to handle the process. In both cases, we try our best to finish the work as soon as we can. Even if the client gives us the time of the month, still our staff didn’t show any laziness at the time they are working on the property. The soon we finish each task, the more time we get to make sure everything is going in the right direction. So, at the time you hire us, you don’t need to worry about the delay.

Save Your Time: We know well the customers don’t have enough time to handle the process on their own. They have to focus on their jobs and other matters related to the new house. They sometimes don’t have enough time to notice whether the company is working fine or not. Still, sometimes they have to find a little time, as they are not able to trust the professionals. We like to tell our customers that they can trust us 100%. We will not give you any chance of complaint, nor we will do any harm to your property.

Cost-Effective Service: Those who think that hiring a professional company is the waste of money, we like to tell them that try us for once. We will, for sure change perception, as we offer service at a reasonable price. The amount you may spend on the moving process by doing it on your own, we will charge even fewer. The reason we able to do this because we don’t have to hire a van from any other company. We don’t have to get the packaging material for someone else. We have a practice in packing things, loading them into the van and so on. The chances that something will get damage eliminates 99.9%. Also, we don’t have to buy tools, as we have them already, and we use them on a regular basis.

We Keep You Away From Danger: The moving process is quite dangerous. Many points come during the process when there is a chance of getting injured. At the time you hire us for the service, you don’t have to worried about anything. We never indulge our clients in the process. We make sure; even if they were watching us, they stand at a safe distance. Of course, there is a chance that our workers get injured too, but quite a little. Also, we provide the basic gear that keeps them safe from bad injuries.

Enjoy Insured Service From Us: At the time you handle everything on your own, if something breaks, you have to pay for it on your own. In other words, you face financial loss. But at the time you hire us for the service, we take away this worry of yours too. All the moving services we offer are insured. During packing of the products or at the time of loading or any other time, if something breaks, we will cover the financial loss.

Once you hire house luggage movers, make sure they provide the service you need.

At the time you are giving them information about everything to the company, don’t miss anything. If you feel like you may forget something, write it down on the paper. Only then the company able to tell you the right price of the service. It is better if you separate all the things you want the professionals to pack and which you don’t want. In this way the chance things went missing will end. Also, the professional able to finish the job quickly, as they will not get confused.

Never hire the company who didn’t offer service at a fixed price. Mainly, when you know, the whole process will take more than a day or two. At the time you book the service, make sure the company tell you charges as a whole. You don’t like the fact that later company demand extra money from you, by giving the reason you don’t like to hear.


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