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Corporate Packers and Movers in Dubai, UAE

Now you all know about moving service, but not many know about corporate moving. It is a service that is hired by the employer for the employees. Not many companies offer this service, but MoverUp is not among these companies. We offer corporate movers and packers service to our respected customers. If you are looking for a plan for this specific service, we can guide you about it too. One thing we make sure is that no matter what happens, we didn’t compromise with the service quality. It is against our work ethics. Also, it doesn’t matter to us, the company who us hiring us for the move is well-known or establishing.

If your employee is about to move out with some of the stuff or many and you are looking for corporate movers in UAE, just come to us. It is obvious that the employee is moving because of an important meeting and some other business reasons. They need to focus on that task and rest you can leave on us. We will help you with everything, from packing to store things if needed. When you contact us for the service, we make sure to take all your moving stress away.

Our local corporate movers’ staff is trained. We not only train them to do the job right. We also groom their personalities. We want our staff able to deal with the client properly. If the client needs to discuss something with our worker, they don’t feel any problem while communicating. Also, our workers arrive for your service in proper uniform and fully-equipped. At the time they arrive, they start to work without wasting any time. For us “time is money” so wasting time is not a choice for us. We also know to whom we are serving to need us to finish the task quickly. We don’t want to let them down.

Corporate Moving Services By

  • Corporate Movers Packing Service

At the time people hire us for the service, it is obvious they need a packing service from us. But the need for everyone is different. Some want us to pack all the things for them. Few want us to pack a few items and other items they prefer to pack on their own. Some along with packing service, want to get unpacking service. In all the above cases, the choice is of the customer. You get full independence, just tell us how you want us to serve you? We will do everything accordingly.

Once we unpack all the things for you, we didn’t leave all the trash behind. Our workers clean it for you, so you don’t have to waste even a few minutes of yours just for this task. As we are talking about packing service here, we like to inform our customers that the packing material is also arranged by us. You don’t have to look for a company to buy a packing material on your own.

  • Storage Options For You

Now there is the time when the client doesn’t feel a need to take all the things. They want to store a few things and will prefer to get them back if needed. Now, from us, you get storage service too. You have to tell us whether you want to store things for a long time or for a few days. We manage everything for you accordingly. If we feel like the work you are giving us will take some time, we told about it straight to the customer. According to us, it is the only way to build a trustworthy connection with the customers. But one thing we can assure you that we will do the best for you.

It happens many times that at the time employee move, they are still looking for a new home. It is when they only like to keep some basics things that they need. You can tell about that to us. When you arrive at the place, we will help you store all your things in the right place and in a proper manner.

  • 100% Protection For Every Item

Even at the time, people hire this service, and their main concern is products safety. They are already so stressed about the new place; it is hard for them to bear any more stress. The stress of loss which they never expected or the loss of belongings. We assure our customers that all of their belongings are safe with us. There is no need for them to worry about anything.

Whether you hire us to move all your belongings to some other city or in the same city, we provide insurance. Under this option, if something happens to your belongings under the responsibility of our workers, we pay to you. There is a policy we need to follow, as every company have too. But our policy is simple, beneficial for the customer.

What Are Our Corporate Relocation Management Services Do?

Suppose you think that it is a move that is less stressful and there is no need to make any plan for this move. We like to tell those; it is a crucial time. No employee wants to start the new chapter of their life a bad note. It is the reason we have established a proper team to manage these types of moves. There are so many different things which we have to make sure. Our management things go through all the little details and make a foolproof plan that allows our workers to end the task smoothly.

Our goal is one; the employee belongings arrive at the final location on time. Also, we serve them in a budget that is set by them.

A Checklist For A Successful And Stress-Free Corporate Move

One thing we like to share with our clients which we also learn after getting experience is that hiring a professional’s corporate relocation services is not enough. There are somethings which client has to do too. There are few tips we like to share with our customer, so at the time they feel a need to hire this service, they prepare themselves well. Such as:

  • At the time you are ready to move out, don’t wait to do the planning. Start making plans on the day you think about the corporate move. Without planning, it is hard to get perfect results. If the move is quite major and you know about if a year ago, start making plans a year ago. Without listening to those who are telling you to take it easy, as you have enough time.
  • If you know all the basic and important details, like the day you are about to move and where you are moving. Also, know about the employees relocating, better do a meeting. In a meeting, discuss all the details related to the move with the employees. The delay in a meeting gives birth to the rumours. Rumours cause panic and stress all around that effect the atmosphere of the office.
  • If you only have one department in your office, then pick one team manager to organize all the things. Give them a duty to stay in touch with all the employees. Answer their questions if they have any, so they stay relax and focus on work. If the office is huge and has many departments, it is better if you choose a manager from each department. But make sure the way of working of all the managers is the same. So, everyone stays on the same page.
  • Before hiring a moving company, make sure they have done this task before successful. There is no point of taking a risk because the company you selected is not the only company that offers corporate relocation services Dubai. Better look for an insured company. So, in case, things didn’t go as a plan, you don’t have to worry.
  • Once you hired the company for the service and told them about the duties, they have to do. Things become clear for you too. You get an idea about the thing you have to manage. You can plan them easily because the other end is handled by well by the professionals.

Once you follow the points above, things not only become easy for you but also for the staff too. They don’t get confused or feel a need to disturb you, again and again, to clear things out.

Cost-Effective Corporate Service!

You can hire our service at a reasonable price. We put a lot of efforts, just to get sure the price we are demanding is better than our competitors. We keep an eye on them on a regular basis, so it is rare that you see the price difference in a negative manner.

Also, don’t worry that you will have to hire a specific package for the service and have to pay the price even for the service you don’t want. As our client, you get full independence. Choose the service you want from us, and we will charge accordingly. The price of our service relies on a few things.

  • The man force you hire.
  • The size of the van used to transport everything.
  • The number of belongings we have to move. The weight also makes a difference in the price.
  • The distance between the present location and the new location also increase or decrease the price.

Now, we like to tell you that our service is available at a fixed price. The price that we tell you, in the beginning, is the final price. Here are no hidden charges in our service, so you don’t have to worry that in the end, you will have to pay more. Also, if due to our fault if a delay happens in the process, you don’t need to worry about it.

Availability Of Corporate Service Every Day

you cannot decide the date by keeping in mind the day. So, you never know whether you will have to hire a company on the weekend or in a week a day. You simply look for a company whose service is available 24/7 and seven days a week. The good news is that we provide service 365 days a week.

How To Request A Quote?

It doesn’t matter who is looking for a quote, manage or an employee. Our job is to make things simple for the client, and we do it well. Getting a quote for the move is pretty simple and easy. Only a few steps to follow and you able to get the quote.

  • Firstly, you have to give basic information like the moving date, a destination where you want us to move all the things, present address and even zip code. You also need to give us the contact information.
  • Once you give these details, you get a call from our representative. The representative discusses with you different things, like what you need from us, expectations and a ask a date for the survey so, we able to see all the belongings we have to move.
  • Before moving, say, you or a worker can say the one who tells the price estimation visit the property and do a survey. This survey allows us to provide the client with the right price estimation.
  • Once the survey is done, and the price estimation is given to you, all the information allows us to make the right plan for the plan. Now for every corporate move, we make a new plan. It doesn’t feel right for us to use the same old plan that is made by us for the very first client because the need and expectations of each customer are different.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

So, don’t delay the hiring any more. Our customer care is the staff is ready to serve you all the time. Give us a call or send us an email for a booking. You can book our service online, as discussed above. If you have any question related to our service. Or there is something which you fail to understand, email us at [email protected]. You will get a response from us within a day.

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