Best Areas to Get a Chiller FREE Apartment in Sharjah

Best Areas to Get a Chiller FREE Apartment in Sharjah

Being one of the oldest house packers in movers in Sharjah, we understand each individual’s needs. People are often set back financially because of their electricity bills. You can save up on saving electricity all you want. But living in the middle of a desert means you cannot really turn off your air conditioning now, can you?

When you are a professional house mover in Sharjah, you get to see all kinds of neighborhoods. So for those individuals who are looking to rent a Chiller free apartment in Sharjah? MoversUp has compiled a list of a few popular neighborhoods, which have these types of properties.

What is the advantage of living in Chiller free apartments?

Temperatures easily exceed 40C’ in Sharjah during the summers, and this is no surprise when you are living in the heart of the Arabian Desert. So having chillers or an AC is a must. However, when these appliances are run throughout the day, your electricity bills will likely be very high.

However, if you are a budget constraint person, then living in chiller free apartments is the best option for you. In apartments, as such, the landlord pays for your air conditioning. People living here are charged for all other electrical uses, despite the air conditioning.

So if you are looking to save up on the electricity bill. Then you can make use of MoversUp list of areas with chiller free apartments.

So here are a few popular neighborhoods with chiller free apartments:

  • Al Majaz

The area has incredible scenic beauty and is a very popular neighborhood in Sharjah. This beautiful area overlooks the Khalid Lagoon and is a hub for leisure activities. You can find wonderful restaurants, cinemas, and shopping centers in the area. Moreover, the area also compromises of high tech educational institutes. You can find cafes and shopping destinations near your apartment at a walking distance.

The vast amounts of leisure activities and high-quality educational centers make this area ideal for families. You need around AED38K to rent a 2 bedroom apartment in Al Majaz. A 3 bedroom apartment will set you back around AED70K, and you can expect to get a 4 bedroom apartment for around 90K AED.

  • Al Qasimia

Al Qasimia has been named after Emirates ruling family. The area is a popular destination for families, the reason being that it is near good schools, malls, stores, and restaurants. You can also find budget clothing and dining in the area with ease as well.

Another good thing about Al Qasimia is that rent is slightly lower than other family-friendly neighborhoods. MoversUp being old house movers and packers in Sharjah, know that this neighborhood is a bargain for its prices.

The average cost of a 1 bedroom Chiller free apartment will cost you around AED32k, and the cost of a 2 bedroom Chiller free apartment will cost around AED50k.

  • Al Nahda

Located near the Sharjah Dubai border, this place is ideal for intercity commuters. In the Emirates, this is a common phenomenon. Where people commute from one city to another on a daily basis. The reasons can include costing, schooling, and general comfort of living.

Here there are many shopping centers, cafes, schools, and restaurants to choose from. One of the major attractions is the sports-themed central park. The rent is also quite economical, considering the location and the facilities nearby. You can find taxis and buses with ease. Train stations are also nearby as this is the cheapest and one of the quickest forms of travel available.

Rent can depend on demand; however, the average rent is around AED 39K for a 2 bedroom Chiller free apartment. If you are looking for more space, you can also opt for a 3 bedroom chiller free apartment, which will cost you around 53K AED in the area.

  • Al Taawun

Al Taawun is a wonderful community, filled with bachelors mostly. One room bedroom apartments are more commonly found here at an affordable rate. The community is very vibrant and full of life. People are always walking around, getting some fresh air, and socializing.

If you are lucky, you can find an apartment overlooking the gorgeous Khalid Lake on the east and west the Al Mamzar Lake.

The cost of buying a one-bedroom flat in Al Taawun is AED 32k. Which is very affordable, according to the facilities and location. An important thing to note is that there are no reputable schools here, and the area is more suited to bachelors and young couples. It can be difficult for families to adjust here.


So this is our list of the best Chiller free apartment locations you can find in Sharjah. If you are looking to move to the UAE, you should definitely do some research on the differences between district cooling and chiller free apartments to see which one suits you the best.

You can also find chiller free apartments in Dubai. Moreover, you can also opt for buying your own air conditioning.

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